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Sep 02 @ 12:30 PM
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an act of true love will thaw a frozen heart;  [insp.]

Sep 01 @ 12:30 PM
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15 Things That Make Me Happy

I was tagged by the fabulous lala-kate

1. A well made cup of tea (god how British do I sound?)

2. My family

3. True friends

4. Travelling to see my best friend as she lives across the ocean so we only get to twice a year

5. Sleeping in and duvet days

6. Taking pictures, especially on the spur of the moment

7. Autumn days

8. Giving gifts to those I love

9. Disney and Disney trips

10. Hugs

11. Going to the theatre

12. Long, hot baths with my music on

13. Floral print dresses and skirts

14. Belting out songs in the car when I’m on my own

15. When my iPod plays awesome shuffle mixes

I’m not going to tag anyone as most have been already, if you haven’t been tagged feel free to do this :)

Aug 31 @ 8:45 PM